Instrument Check Standard 7 for AA & ICP, 500 mL

Assurance® Grade Instrument Check Standard 7 for AA & ICP in 2% HNO3, 500 mL



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Part # :CALMIX7-500

Matrix :2% HNO3

Volume :500 mL

Units/Pack :1

Expiration : 365 Days / 12 Months

Storage Condition :Ambient

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Assurance® Mixed Multi-Element Standards for AA & ICP Standards may be diluted in the same matrix as specified; however, caution must be exercised in the choice of the source for your diluents. Diluting the matrix may cause some standards to precipitate. Also, an impure or unknown diluent turns your standard into an unknown. We recommend using only SPEX CertiPrep Matrix Blanks when diluting your standards. Instrument Check (Lab Performance) Standards Used to calibrate and verify wavelength accuracy and stability in sequential and simultaneous ICP units. Each CAL-MIX is designed to give the user wavelength ranges from 160 nm to 790 nm. Every ICP manufacturer has a specific group of elements at varying concentrations to determine instrument accuracy and reliability. Some have special calibration programs incorporated into their software; others give you information in their manuals. These standards are also useful as training tools for technicians or for methods development. Check your ICP manual or service guide for more information.

Component Concentration Matrix CAS#
Yttrium 600 µg/mL 2% HNO3
Aluminum 100 µg/mL 2% HNO3
Arsenic 100 µg/mL 2% HNO3
Cadmium 100 µg/mL 2% HNO3
Chromium 100 µg/mL 2% HNO3
Cobalt 100 µg/mL 2% HNO3
Copper 100 µg/mL 2% HNO3
Iron 100 µg/mL 2% HNO3
Lead 100 µg/mL 2% HNO3
Magnesium 100 µg/mL 2% HNO3
Manganese 100 µg/mL 2% HNO3
Nickel 100 µg/mL 2% HNO3
Potassium 100 µg/mL 2% HNO3
Sodium 100 µg/mL 2% HNO3
Zinc 100 µg/mL 2% HNO3


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