Boron 10, 10 µg/mL (10 ppm) for ICP-MS, 125 mL

Claritas PPT® Grade Boron 10, 10 µg/mL (10 ppm) for ICP-MS in H2O, 125 mL



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Part # :ISOT-B10

Matrix :H2O

Volume :125 mL

Concentration :10 µg/mL

Units/Pack :1

Expiration : 365 Days / 12 Months

Storage Condition :Ambient

Hazardous Info :

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Non-Hazardous Non-Hazardous

Isotope Standards SPEX CertiPrep Claritas PPT® Isotope Standards can be used for isotope dilution analysis and internal standards. The internal standard element must have similar characteristics to the tested/measured element(s) and not be present in the sample. Using isotope modification standards, the chemist can use less internal standard and have a higher intensity reading while avoiding interferences. Every Claritas PPT® Standard is supplied with a comprehensive SPEXertificate®.

Component Concentration Matrix CAS#
Boron 10 10 µg/mL H2O


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