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Conversion Table

From (X) To (Y) Conversion Formula


°F °C 0.556X- 17.8
°C °F 1.8X + 32
°C °K 1.0X + 273


mils microns Y = 25.4X
mils millimeters Y = 0.0254X
inches mils Y = 1000X
centimeters inches Y = 2.54X
feet meters Y = 0.3048X
feet miles Y = 5280X
feet yards Y = 3X


grams ounces Y = 28.4X
kilograms pounds Y = 0.45X
ounces (troy) grams Y = 0.03215X
pounds tons Y = 2000X


square centimeters square inches Y = 6.5X
square meters square feet Y = 0.09X
square meters square yards Y = 0.8X
square kilometers square miles Y = 2.6X
hectares arces Y = 0.4X


teaspoons mililiters Y = 5X
tablespoons mililiters Y = 15X
fluid ounces mililiters Y = 30X
quarts liters Y = 0.95X
gallons liters Y = 3.8X
cubic meters cubic feet Y = 0.03X
cubic meters cubic yards Y = 0.76X


Universal Gas Constant R = 0.0821(Atm)(l)/(°K)(mole)  
Acceleration Due to Gravity g = 32.17 ft/sec2, 9.8 m/sec2  
Avogadro's Constant N = 6.022 x 1023 molecules/mole  
Speed of Light c = 186,000 miles/sec, 3 X 1010 cm/sec  
Heat of Fusion (water 1 atm, 0°C) Hf = 79.7 cal/g  
Heat of Vaporization (water 1 atm, 100°C) Hv = 540 cal/g  
Volume of Perfect Gas 22.4l at 0°C, 760 torr  
Faraday's Constant F = 96.494 coulombs/equiv. weight  
Planck's Constant h = 6.626 X 10-27 erg/sec  
Bragg's Law nl = 2d sinq  
Absolute Zero -273.15 °C  
Temperature of Liquid Nitrogen -195.8 °C  

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