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Part #: 5253-S
Matrix: Acetone
Volume: 1 mL
Units/Pack: 1
Storage Condition: Refrigerator
Shipping Info*: Hazardous
Method Reference: N/A
Product Notes: N/A
SDS: Safety Data Sheet
Expiration (Months): 37
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SPEX CertiPrep is accredited by A2LA for Organic and Inorganic Certified Reference Materials. In addition to being registered as an ISO 9001 facility, SPEX CertiPrep is accredited by A2LA as complying with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 17034. Our scope is the most comprehensive in the industry.

525.3 Surrogate

525.3 Surrogate
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Semivolatile Standards
Applicable for US EPA Method 525

US EPA Method 525 is an analytical method for the monitoring of semivolatiles in drinking water and raw water sources by GC/MS.

Components : 2-Nitro-m-xylene
CAS# : 81-20-9
Concentration : 500 µg/mL
Components : Benzo(a)pyrene-d12
CAS# : 63466-71-7
Concentration : 500 µg/mL
Components : Triphenyl phosphate
CAS# : 115-86-6
Concentration : 500 µg/mL
Components CAS# Concentration
2-Nitro-m-xylene 81-20-9 500 µg/mL
Benzo(a)pyrene-d12 63466-71-7 500 µg/mL
Triphenyl phosphate 115-86-6 500 µg/mL
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SPEX CertiPrep Organic Certified Reference Materials are manufactured for GC, GC/MS, LC and LC/MS for a wide range of applications including: volatiles, semi-VOAs, pesticides, petrochemical, biofuel, drinking water, wine, phthalates, pharmaceutical and residual solvents. Over 4,000 organic single-component standards are available and sold in 1 mL ampules that are supplied with a pre-labeled "transfer/storage vial."

We also offer custom blends with quick turnaround based on your individual needs.

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